Monday, July 31, 2017

Gobs of Hummingbirds

July 29, 2017

Richard Stevens:

This summer, I put up hanging flowerpots under our deck.  Whether the flowers or a hummingbird feeder caught attention, we have enjoyed a cornucopia of hummingbirds. 

In past summers, we usually only see one hummingbird for the whole season.  Although, we have recorded all four of the common hummingbirds observed in Colorado.

Two additional hummingbird feeders were added to spread out the birds.  Exact count cannot be determined because of frantic behavior; however, we have at least four Broad-tailed, two Black-chinned, one Calliope and one Rufous coming to the feeders.  All of them are females.  Nice, however we would have liked a male in the mix.

Rebecca and I drove through the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams) in the afternoon.  We have not found an Eastern Phoebe in several trips now.  No Red-headed Woodpeckers were come across.

Three Burrowing Owls were observed along the Wildlife Drive.  Best birds were seen just before leaving the one-way drive.  A male Blue Grosbeak was at the last third cattle guard inside the enclosure.  Five Grasshopper Sparrows flew around the second to last cattle guard!

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