Sunday, July 2, 2017

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Hello birders,

I flew into Denver to spend time with my kids over the holidays.  Drove over to Richard and Rebecca's to find everyone out of town.  I talked Amy into driving to Aurora Reservoir with me.  We found the 33 Marbled Godwits, eleven Willets and the three young Killdeer at the Scuba Beach.   A Cassin's Kingbird flew around the trees at the scuba beach and then to the northeast of the parking lot.  A Dickcissel called in the same area. Much going on at Aurora Reservoir this July 4th weekend watch out for traffic.

We decided to drive the eastern Arapahoe County loop.  At least one Dickcissel was still north of CR 129 and Orchard Road.  We thought two were singing.  Six Burrowing Owls were west of CR 129 at 0.7 miles south of Orchard.  At 0.1 miles east of CR 129 and CR 30 (Quincy Road) another Dickcissel was on the telephone wires.  Again we thought a second was singing.

The Burrowing Owl was along CR 30 at 0.5 miles east of CR 149.  We saw several more Cassin's Kingbirds and a few Western Kingbirds down CR 169 and east on CR 42.  The Northern Mockingbird and another Cassin's Kingbird were singing at the previously described hill cut one mile east of 169 & 42.

We did not find the Cassin's Sparrow at Bradbury and CR 30.  To this point we had seven Cassin's Kingbirds, four Loggerhead Shrikes, two Grasshopper Sparrows and many Lark Buntings.

At CR 30 and Smith Road we could see two Eastern Kingbirds, two Western Kingbirds and a Cassin's Kingbird.

Good birding, glad to be back temporarily in Colorado!

Jerry Petrosky

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