Monday, July 31, 2017

Afternoon Walk Along the First Creek Trail

July 30, 2017

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca and I decided to walk the First Creek Trail (Denver County) in the afternoon.  Rain had stopped and it was a cool 76 degrees; winds were calm.

One female Barn Owl was hidden quite well under the Light Rail Bridge.  Not well enough, we caught glimpses of it from the trail.

Farther east, a juvenile Great Horned Owl watched us from a cottonwood on the north side of the Creek.

Other birds encountered included a House Wren and Gray Catbird in the marsh area under the Light Rail Bridge, a Wilson's Warbler in the cattails east of the bridge, a Virginia Rail called from the cattails and hundred of Red-winged Blackbirds feeding on the hill at the bridge.  Several Brewer's Blackbirds were in the flock; unfortunately, no Rusty Blackbirds were found.

Many hummingbirds continue to visit our feeders!

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