Monday, July 31, 2017

Birding Weld County

July 28, 2017

Richard Stevens:

Coming down from the mountains, I was able to relocate two Flammulated Owls (different locations) along Larimer County Road 44H (Larimer). 

I spent the morning driving around the Pawnee National Grasslands area (Weld).  One each Mountain Plover was found at a traditional nesting field and along CR 100, east of CR 390.  .  A couple of Burrowing Owls were also along CR 100.

Two Chestnut-collared Longspurs and half a dozen McCown's Longspurs were found along CR 96, east of CR 69.  I had to drive up and down CR 96 several times before finding a Cassin's Sparrow, Cassin's Sparrow and Brewer's Sparrow.

At Lower Latham Reservoir CR 48 wetlands were dry, no shorebirds.  Beebe Draw Ponds had only a little water, no shorebirds.

Dickcissels appeared to be everywhere south of Lower Latham Reservoir.  Six were 0.1 miles east of CR 47 and CR 42.  Another three were east of that spot.  Stop and listen at the many alfalfa fields.

Another Dickcissel was along CR 40, east of CR 47.  Two additional were along CR 20, east of CR 41 (another alfalfa field).

A stop at Ireland Reservoir found it full of water with little shore.  Only a few American White Pelicans and Western Grebes were on the lake.

My birding day ended at Banner Lakes Wildlife Area.  One Long-eared Owl and Great Horned Owl were the highlights.  I stayed around until dark; no Short-eared Owls appeared this evening.

Visited a friend's ranch east of Banner and picked up another two Long-eared Owls and a pair of Great Horned Owls.

Just returned home after a week of owling and no sleep, going to bed and will have to look through photos later.

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