Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Trip to Colorado Springs, Beautiful Winter Day in Colorado

February 11, 2014

Richard Stevens:

I enjoyed the mild Colorado winter day with a drive south to Fountain Creek Regional Park (El Paso County).  Temperatures went into the middle 40s (highs the last two days were 21 and 27 degrees).  Winds were mild, less than 5 mph.

I walked from the Visitor's Center parking area (break ins at the northern parking area) and observed the Swamp Sparrow in the cattails just south of the footbridge below the Visitor's Center.

No one had found the American Woodcock (7:00 am to when I arrived 1:30 pm).  It had been found the last two days along Fountain Creek, below the cement gazebo south of mile marker 18. 

I continued north to mile marker 18 and walked west to Fountain Creek.  The Winter Wren was chattering and popped out of the short grasses between the forks in the creek.

Returning to the American Woodcock, I stayed until 3:30 pm.  No positive sightings were reported.

After an early dinner in Colorado Springs, I took highway 83 back to Denver and detoured through Castlewood Canyon State Park (Douglas).  One Northern Saw-whet Owl responded to my recordings (played just south of the falls area).

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