Thursday, February 20, 2014

Drive Around Adams and Weld Counties

February 20, 2014

Richard Stevens:

Early on this cold (22 degrees) morning, I took Joyce Thompson out to Banner Lakes Wildlife Area (Weld County).  After seeing two Long-eared Owls (did not want to disturb the 20 found on 2/18), I took her to the airport.

Later in the afternoon, Rebecca Kosten and I drove around Adams & Weld Counties.  Temperatures were still in the 20s; wind measured at 16 mph, gusts to 23 mph.

The two male Greater Scaup were still on the Green Valley Recreation Center Pond (Adams County).

Nothing unusual flew around the DIA Owl Loop (Adams).  The usual couple of Red-tailed Hawks, Rough-legged Hawks and one Ferruginous Hawk were found.  No Lapland Longspurs could be found among the few small Horned Lark flocks that we encountered.

A 5:00 pm, we drove through the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams).  Seventy eight+ Bison walked around the southeastern corner of the property.  Many Mule Deer and a few White tailed Deer were seen. 

However, birds were scarce.  Few birds swam on Lake Ladora and Lower Derby Lake (which just had their ice cover melted in the past two days).  Fifty+ gulls on Lake Ladora were all Ring-billed Gull.

No Long-eared Owls were found at dusk.  Longer days make waiting for dusk dangerously close to the 6:00 pm Arsenal closing time.

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