Sunday, February 9, 2014

Four Owl Day in Weld County

February 8, 2014

Email to Richard Stevens:

Hello Richard,

Ray (Simmons) and I took your advice and had a four owl day in Weld County.

First we saw the Northern Saw whet Owl at your friend's ranch.  Then picked up a Long eared Owl at the Work Center at Crow Valley Campground. 

Finally again on your advice we drove the county roads north of Lower Latham Reservoir.  A Short eared Owl was on a post north of county road 50 and east of county road 51.  A Great Horned Owl was near county road 51 and 48!

Thanks, we did not have to hang around until sunset for Short-eared Owls south of Lower Latham Reservoir!

Jacob (Washburn)

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