Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cold Day at Aurora Reservoir and the DIA Owl Loop

February 6, 2014

Richard Stevens:

After spending yesterday indoors (8 degrees, 10 mph winds), some fresh air and birding were much needed.

I stopped by Aurora Reservoir (Arapahoe County) twice.  Just before noon, the temperature was -1 degrees.  The only uncommon gulls found were two Lesser Black-backed Gulls at the west end of the dam. 

I returned after visiting with Bill Cryder who lives south of the reservoir.  At 3:00 pm, the temperature now was -7 degrees.  Only one of the Lesser Black-backed Gulls was still there.  My stay only lasted less than 30 minutes before giving up in the wind chill.

A drive around the DIA Owl Loop did not find any owls.  Horned Larks numbered about 410+; again, I missed any Lapland Longspurs that might have been in the area.

Raptor species were represented by Ferruginous, Rough-legged, Red-tailed Hawks and two American Kestrels.

Warmer weather is expected soon!

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