Sunday, June 19, 2011

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron in Greeley, Weld County

June 19, 2011

Richard Stevens:

On this cool Sunday afternoon, Rebecca Kosten and I went up to Glenmere Park in Greeley (Weld County). The Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was on a nest at the west end of the island. Just as interesting, we saw 2 Cattle Egrets and many Black-crowned Night-Herons and Snowy Egrets also.

I saw on the news that Greeley received golf ball size hail soon after we left town. I hope all the birds are okay!

On the trip back to Denver, we stopped at Barr Lake (Adams). I walked from the Visitor's Center (mile marker 9.0) to the boat ramp (mm 7.6). There were many more mosquitoes than birds.

Nesting is in full swing. I watched 3 females feeding young at their nests. Eastern Kingbirds, Western Kingbirds, Barn Swallows, Cliff Swallows and Bank Swallows were busy catching insects. House Wrens chattered away.

The few highlights included a male Black-headed Grosbeak around the banding area, a male Blue Grosbeak at the Pioneer Trail, and a Barn Swallow. The Barn Swallow was interesting because she or he was a good 50 percent bigger than the other dozen that join it.

Two Burrowing Owls were at the far western end of the field 0.3 miles north of Tower Road and 56th avenue. We never made it over to the DIA Owl Loop (Adams).

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