Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cool Afternoon at Cherry Creek State Park

June 2, 2011

Rebecca Kosten: I am not signed up to write to this blog, so I use Richard's access.

Richard and I decided to go for a drive in the cool late afternoon after this hot day. We wound up at Cherry Creek State Park, Arapahoe County.

The male Black-chinned Hummingbird has returned behind the ranger's office. Hope he finds a mate as he expends so much time and energy flying around and searching for one. He delivered the goods a couple of summers ago; we kept an eye on a prosperous nesting. That is what in all likelihood brings him back to put forth so much effort.

We decided to go for a walk before the horde of mosquitoes comes out in a week or so? Too late, they are mounting assaults already. A hurried walk down the east side of the 12 mile beaver pond did not find any Green Herons. A male Blackburnian Warbler flew about in the tall cottonwoods southeast of the pond.

At the prairie loop, dozens of Common Grackles flew around the bird platform. We had to check it out, not seeing so many in the park before. We thought it was a late migration. However, ten yards west of the platform area, a Long-eared Owl stared at us! Cool, thanks to the Common Grackles for mobbing the area!

We could not find any Great Horned Owls at their usual locations. Stopped and asked a couple of campers, no one remembers hearing any after dark. I hope a few are still around; I miss their calls!

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