Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Great Birding Day on the Northeastern Plains

May 31, 2011

Richard Stevens:

Today again, saw high winds. It stormed much overnight, which gave us hopes of many warblers. We did find a few, but were not in great habitat (riparian areas) most of the day. Our target birds included Eastern Meadowlarks (none was found).

Sand Draw Wildlife Area (Sedgwick) was rather birdy. Four or so hours were spent birding here. Two great warblers were found. We split into two groups; however, both groups found the two warblers.

A Pine Warbler worked the evergreen trees at the northwest corner of the Wildlife Area. While a Canada Warbler was found at the southwest corner!

Two or three Field Sparrows were seen along the eastern fence. A Lazuli Bunting was quite a surprise. One meadowlark stopped us for awhile. We eventually decided that it was a Western Meadowlark singing almost a perfect Eastern Meadowlark song.

DePoorter Lake near Julesburg is a puzzle. One sign indicates that some of the areas are closed. While if one enters from the southeast corner, there is an open gate? It any case, we explored the area at the old dump and along the South Platte River.

A Northern Bobwhite was below the larger fallen down logs. Jacob found a Magnolia Warbler in the taller cottonwoods at the southeast corner of the area. The only sparrows were 1 Song Sparrow and half a dozen White-crowned Sparrows.

A Northern Cardinal flew across the road from the Julesburg Visitor's Center. A Say's Phoebe hawked insects from the small group of trees here.

After visited two private ranches (Long-eared Owl, Fox Sparrow (eastern) and many House Sparrows, we ended out birding day at the Julesburg Wayside Rest Stop.

Two Chimney Swifts flew overhead. A Great Crested Flycatcher was along the South Platte River, south of the western entrance.

A male Baltimore Oriole and Red-bellied Woodpecker were at the end of the parking area. A Yellow-billed Cuckoo called from the taller cottonwoods at the western end of the property.

No Eastern Towhees or uncommon warblers were found.

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