Friday, June 10, 2011

Trips Around Colorado This Week 6/5-6/9

Instead of waiting a week for a bird trips to finish and getting reports, I will transcribe telephone reports of current bird trips. I will do my best. Amy Davenport

June 5 through June 9, 2011

Richard Stevens is out of town/state.

Jerry Petrosky has been conducting bird-breeding surveys in Las Animas and Baca Counties.

Jerry found nesting Hepatic Tanagers on two private ranches, one in Las Animas and one in Baca County. Cassin's Kingbirds show nesting behavior. Yellow-billed Cuckoos are nesting in the cool canyons in Baca County. Western Screech-Owls have been found in both counties.

On the plains in Baca County, Cassin's Sparrows are singing and performing their mating flights. In the evening, Short-eared Owls come out to hunt. They were seen at the Upland Bird Management Area and along County Road M between CR 25 and CR 32.

One private ranch has a pair of Vermilion Flycatchers attempting to nest. Will update if they succeed. They did fledge two young in 2002.

Some of the more interesting birds reported included:

A Lesser Prairie-Chicken was seen up the dirt track east of the old Campo lek.
An American Bittern and Indigo Bunting in Furnish Canyon
An Ovenbird and Gray Vireo in Cottonwood Canyon
Two reports of a male Painted Bunting have not been confirmed (Cottonwood Canyon & Furnish Canyon)
An Eastern Meadowlark calling at Turk's Pond.
A Lesser Nighthawk flying around Carrizo Mountain.
Red-eyed Vireo and Barn Owl at Two Buttes Reservoir.

Jerry headed north on Wednesday 6/8.
Northern Cardinals and Red-bellied Woodpeckers are residents at Lamar Community College in Prowers County.
A Yellow-billed Cuckoo called and was seen at Tempel Grove in Bent County.

Bryan and Sue Ehlmann are conducting bird-breeding surveys in North Park and west.

Boreal Owls were heard last weekend in the Colorado State Forest. There is much snow up there because of our stormy spring. Snowshoes were required to get to the nesting areas.

On 6/6, they extended the reported "lekking" season of Sharp-tailed Grouse at the 80 Route Leks in Routt County into June. Two Dusky Grouse were also found up the road.

They heard a Northern Saw-whet Owl at a GPS waypoint taken last year. Suspicions of nesting have taken their interest. The location is on private land and they are searching of permission to study the area further.

Sage Sparrows and Sage Thrashers are exhibiting nesting behavior at Oxbow Wildlife Area in Moffat County.

They ran into nesting a pair of Greater Sage-Grouse on State Trust Lands north of Craig. Vesper Sparrows, Brewer's Sparrows, Lark Sparrows, and Sage Thrashers are numerous on the scattered STL. Sage Sparrows less numerous but maybe due to difficulty in finding them.

Other interesting sightings included:

Two Ferruginous Hawk nests found.
Barn Owls found at two locations.
Western Screech-Owl found in northeastern Moffat County.
Common Nighthawk migration has reached Moffat County.
Four Black-throated Sparrows found west of Highway 13, 20 miles north of Craig.
A dozen Lark Buntings STL, north of Craig.
Blue Grosbeaks in pairs exhibiting nesting behavior in northwest Moffat County.
Black-headed Grosbeaks in high numbers.
Dozens of Lazuli Buntings in Moffat County.
A pair of Bobolink along Moffat County Road 4.
An out of place Pine Grosbeak along Moffat CR 2.

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