Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another Day in Sedgwick County, Larger Group

May 29, 2011

Richard Stevens:

Today Roger Danka and I joined Jacob Washburn and Ray Simmons and scoured Sedgwick County for birds.

Our first stop was Sedgwick Bar Wildlife Area (Sedgwick). The male Kentucky Warbler was deep in the same thick brush since Thursday! Two Red-bellied Woodpeckers worked the trees along the western border!

Ovid Woods was quite active along Lodgepole Creek this morning. Winds were mild until 10:00 am; then they picked up to 18 mph, with gusts to 26 mph. A male Magnolia Warbler was at the north end of the northern woods. While a Tennessee Warbler was farther south (across from Morgan Avenue).

A Brown Thrasher was in the southern woods (across from Monroe Avenue). A White-throated Sparrow was along the South Platte River, east of Lodgepole Creek. No Northern Cardinals were found in a drive around this small Colorado town.

The old Bean Factory has been closed for years now. The supervisor use to take me to the top of the building to see the Barn Owls that nested every year. The tower is still there, no way to see if any Barn Owls are there.

Julesburg Wildlife Area was also birdy. It is situated just south of Ovid and the S. Platte River (Sedgwick). We heard a male Northern Cardinal singing west of Sedgwick County 29 Road and the S. Platte River.

Then we hiked east as far as legal along the Platte River. Many sparrows included Brewer's, 1 Clay-colored, Lark, Lincoln's, Song and White-crowned. One Black-and-white Warbler and a Blackpoll Warbler were the warbler highlights. Several Warbling Vireos and a Red-eyed Vireo were also found. Another male Red-bellied Woodpecker was quite noisy!

In spite of quickening winds, we enjoyed success at Jumbo Reservoir (Logan/Sedgwick). While searching for Eastern Meadowlarks north of the eastern Campgrounds, Ray pointed out a Magnolia Warbler.

I found a Hooded Warbler hiding in the brush at the woods west of the northern Campgrounds.

The reservoir itself was slow. One Common Tern flew over the western side. No uncommon waterfowl or shorebirds were found (only a couple of Baird's Sandpipers at the northwest corner).

Jacob Washburn lagged behind and saw a Yellow-crowned Night-Heron in the cattails west and below County Road 95, southeast corner at Jumbo. Unfortunately, the rest of us could not relocate the bird in the hour we looked for it.

We visited two private ranches to pick up Long-eared Owls for Jacob and Ray. Went back to Jumbo Reservoir at dusk and got the Eastern Screech-Owl to call back briefly to our recording.

At Roger's ranch, we heard another two Eastern Screech-Owls.

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