Monday, November 29, 2010

Great Day at Cherry Creek Reservoir, Missed Brant Again

November 28, 2010

Richard Stevens:

Bryan Ehlmann and I went out early searching for the Brant; again without success. We again found a Ross's Goose (Emerald Strand Park) and a Greater White-fronted Goose and additional Ross's Geese at Lakecrest (Denver County).

I took Bryan back to his car and we relocated the Harris's Sparrow at Barr Lake (Adams).

Bryan went home for the day and I headed over to Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe).

As reported, I found the Mew Gull on the swim beach with dozens of Ring-billed Gulls, California Gulls and a few Herring Gulls. I took about 60 photos before the Mew Gull was surrounded by Ring-billed Gulls.

At the southeast corner, I found and took about 30 photos of the two Dunlin before backing off and leaving. I accessed the area by taking the "wildlife preserve" trail north of the Shop Creek Parking Area. Follow this man made (covered in stones) to a well packed trail leading north toward the lake (stump on east side of trail and small log lying across trail, no stones). From here go north to lake and walk east close to cattails. Dunlin were near shore where wet area extends south to cattails.

On my return route, a Swamp Sparrow was seen and photographed on and near a fallen down cottonwood log (about 15 feet long) at the edge of the cattails. This log is about halfway between previous "wet area" and the water inlet at the bird platform.

The Ross's Gull was not found but looked for quite a bit.

Further searches for Brant were not successful. Richard Anderson found the Brant along the south side of Lakecrest, east end. I only scoped from the northern west end of the lake.

My birding day ended near Trussville Road and 114th avenue, searching for Short-eared Owls; without success.

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