Sunday, October 28, 2018

Super Hike Along the First Creek Trail

October 28, 2018

Richard Stevens:

I enjoyed this great fall day with a drive around eastern Arapahoe County.  My target birds, any longspurs, were not found.  A Loggerhead Shrike was along CR 42, east of CR 161.

A late migrating Burrowing Owl was photographed north of the above intersection.

In the late afternoon, I stretched my legs with a walk along the First Creek Trail from 56th avenue (1/2 mile west of Tower Road) to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal fence line and pond.

No birds were seen along the Denver County section.  The Adams County section on the other hand was quite interesting.

I hoped to relocate the two White-throated Sparrows reported on Friday 10/26.  The first bird found was a Swamp Sparrow.  It popped out of the cattails about 60 yards into Adams County (west of Buckley Road).

While trying to see where the Swamp Sparrow flew after disappearing back into the cattails, a Winter Wren popped up and perched on a cattail for 15 seconds or so.

While I listened to the horde of Red-winged Blackbirds at the Pond a 1st year Bald Eagle landed in the cottonwoods west of the fence line.

On the way back to my car, I wandered around the trailhead at Buckley Road.  A flock of sparrows was in the weeds south of the fence at the southwest corner.

The flock included fourteen White-crowned Sparrows, three Song Sparrows and an adult White-throated Sparrow.

My birding day ended enjoying the sunset while parked along the DIA Owl Loop (Adams County).  No Short-eared Owls appeared tonight.  

I did stop at Barr Lake (Adams) and listened for owls (Great Horned Owl or Long-eared Owl) under the waning (83 percent) moon.  None called.

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