Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Buena Vista & Independence Pass

October 3, 2018

Richard Stevens:

Temperature reached 72 degrees in Buena Vista.  Winds were 13-14 mph with gusts measured at 21 mph.

I drove around Buena Vista this morning.  My search for Western Screech-Owls came up empty.  Two Lewis's Woodpeckers were observed near 125 North Pleasant Avenue.

The view at Buena Vista Overlook was spectacular with the Collegiate Peaks looming over South Park.  Four Pinyon Jays flew around the KOA Campgrounds below the overlook.

I scoped Ice Lake north of Buena Vista and found a flock of 40+ Pinyon Jays.  Not much else could be seen from my vantage point.

It was such a beautiful day, I continued north on Hwy 24 and turned west on Hwy 82.  Independence Pass Road is another spectacular drive in Colorado.

At the Summit, I hiked both the south and north sides of Hwy 82.  I believe the trail is part of the Colorado trail.  A White-tailed Ptarmigan was 50 yards up the northern side.  While I first saw it in Lake County, it walked west into Pitkin County!

Four Brown-capped Rosy Finches flew overhead at the Historical Center (Pitkin County).

My birding day ended back at Twin Lakes Reservoir.  No scoters or goldeneyes were found on the Reservoir or Mt. Elbert Forebay.  Half a dozen Pinyon Jays flew around the north side of Twin Lakes.

No owls were found after dark.  My two "owl listening stations" also came up with no calls.

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