Monday, April 9, 2018

Harris's Sparrow of First Creek Trail

April 8, 2018

Temperatures reached 62 degrees today.  With winds 12-13 mph, gusts to 25 mph, it felt cold.

Rebecca Kosten and I hiked the First Creek Trail (Adams/Denver) this afternoon.  It was my first walk longer than 20 yards since breaking my ankle and toes several months ago.  It was a long walk.

When we arrived at the First Creek trailhead, fourteen White-crowned Sparrows flew from the woodpile, Adams County side of Buckley, to the tumbleweeds below the gate inside the chain link fence to the south.

I noticed movement in the woodpile and eventually the Harris's Sparrow popped up to the limbs.  Photos on the Colorado Birding Society's photo library, recent favorite photos link.

While wandering south to the large cottonwoods along Buckley Road to inspect a flock of small birds, we found two dozen House Finches.

Then we then noticed the White-crowned Sparrows flew to the chain link fenced area on the Denver County side of the trailhead.  The Harris's Sparrow eventually followed the White-crowned Sparrows.

The Harris's Sparrow was recorded in both counties today!

On the way to dinner, we again passed through Cherry Creek State Park (Arapahoe).  The Lesser Black-backed Gull was again on the poles outlining the southwest marina.

Misses: no Long-eared Owls, uncommon birds, kingbirds or sparrows.

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