Sunday, April 15, 2018

Douglas County Birds

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Hello birders,

Birds around Douglas County today

Great stop at Hwy 86 and Cherry Creek

2-3 Eastern Phoebes (probably only two, but could have sworn I saw three at one time) because of Sharp-shinned Hawk they stayed along eastern edge of Creek

2 Say's Phoebes chasing each other and insects, also stayed along eastern side of Creek

Sharp-shinned Hawk stayed in dead willows along Creek below western side of over 30 minutes, did not aid in the time it took to see the Eastern Phoebes

One male Eastern Bluebird along eastern fence to bike trail

Best bird:  An Eastern Wood-Pewee called several times for over a minute or so, he was in trees along Castlewood Canyon Road between highway 86 and veterinary center to south
Pee a wee, pee a wee, pee a wee

Castlewood Canyon Road, south of State Park: both Western Bluebirds and Mountain Bluebirds, nine Wild Turkeys

Salisbury Equestrian Park: no Pectoral Sandpiper or shorebirds at all

Stonegate North Pond: no longer exists, it is now a frisbee golf course northwest of a dog walking park

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