Sunday, December 3, 2017

Common Redpoll at Denver City Park

December 3, 2017

Richard Stevens:

Finished the third day of painting the house.  Greatest torture in my life and we have mostly a brick house.  I would rather wash windows.

I finished just before 3:00 pm and heard about a Common Redpoll at Denver City Park (Denver County).  Rebecca and I rushed over.

No birds were around the retention pond where John Breitsch had found the Common Redpoll earlier.  I followed one of my important birding rules; follow the sun.  The retention pond was in shade.  However, the sun shone on the three tall evergreen trees at the southeast corner of Ferril Lake.

The trees were jumping with birds.  Off and on, they would fly down to the short deciduous tree next to the lake.

The group included four Black-capped Chickadees, two Brown Creepers, four Yellow-rumped Warblers, four Dark-eyed Juncos, one Ruby-crowned Kinglet and one COMMON REDPOLL!

The Common Redpoll is a new county bird for both of us!

After direct sunlight left the three evergreens, the flock moved to the two evergreen trees farther north (just off shore of the lake).

After sunset, Rebecca and I searched unsuccessfully for the City Park Eastern Screech-Owls.  Eventually we found two Eastern Screech-Owls farther east (Grape Street and Gaylord Street, Denver).

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