Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Search for the Red-headed Woodpecker at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal

June 11, 2017

Richard Stevens:

After a very hot day yesterday, today felt pleasantly comfortable.  Rebecca and I drove through the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams) in search of the Red-headed Woodpecker sighting. 

We could not find a Red-headed Woodpecker or Eastern Phoebe, which has been reported half a dozen times this spring.

Water levels are quite high at Lake Ladora and Lower Derby Lake.  No shorebirds and few waterfowl were around.

My broken toe did not allow a hike to the Rod & Gun Club Bird Blind.  Instead, we drove the new Wildlife Loop.

We were watching a Grasshopper Sparrow in the short tree (only tree) on the north side of the Drive, 10 yards west of mile marker 6 when a Bobolink popped up of the taller grasses on the south side of the road.

Two Burrowing Owls were south of the intersection of Havana & 88th avenue.

Later we stopped at the First Creek Trail (Denver).  Putting our thinking caps on, we guess correctly on where the previously reported Barn Owl could be found.  She now has five young.  See Colorado Birding Society's "recent witness photos" link to see a photo

We came back home before it warmed up in the afternoon.

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