Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Return to Jackson County By Way of DIA Owl Loop

June 3, 2017

Richard Stevens:

The temperatures on the foothills only reached 75 degrees today.  Winds were measured at 6 mph with gusts to 17 mph.

I circled Adams/Denver County on my trip to Gould.  A Red-headed Woodpecker was at Boxelder Creek and 96th avenue.  No additional woodpeckers were found at 104th avenue.  Zero Cassin's Sparrows were found in the area.

A Ferruginous Hawk along 56th avenue provided for some nice photos.  While a Common Nighthawk perched on a telephone wire just west of Piggott and 114th avenue.

I did not find the reported Great Crested Flycatcher at hwy 36 and hwy 70. Nor did I find the Mountain Plover along CR 38 (piggott road) between 160 & 144th avenues.

Taking Pennock Pass Road back to Gould, several stops were made to listen for Flammulated Owls.  I found a single owl at two different stops!

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