Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Search for Rusty Blackbirds and Short-eared Owls

January 4, 2017

Richard Stevens:

I drove by where Box Elder Creek crosses Weld County Road 4 today.  Rebecca and I were fortunate to see three Rusty Blackbirds there yesterday. 

Considering the weather (snowstorm) the Rusty Blackbirds did not fly up into the cottonwoods today.  Perhaps they are still there and stayed along the creek.  Again, I could not find the landowner to get permission to walk the creek.  Maybe tomorrow?

A Short-eared Owl stood on the fence line north of where Third Creek crosses West Cargo Road.  Light was terrible, still nice to find any Short-eared Owls!

Winds were 8-9 mph; gusts to 14 mph today.  Light snow fell most of the day.  High temperature was in the low 20s.

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Alan Whitehead said...

Hi Richard,
Glad to see you are still Birding and posting. Happy New Year to you!
Alan Whitehead