Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A New Colorado State Bird Sighting

December 19, 2016

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca Kosten, Terry Michaels, Amy Davenport and I made the long trip to Lake Dillon.   Traffic, wow, it took three hours to make the 75 mile drive.

The Purple Sandpiper (Jack & Ryan Bushong, 12/16) was feeding in the "warm waters" of the Blue River as it enters Lake Dillon.  It will be a first Colorado record!

Later we visited a friend's home and observed three species of Rosy Finches (private no longer open to the public).

On the trip back to Denver we stopped by the Blue River Water Treatment Plant and found several Barrow's Goldeneyes hunkered down in the northeast corner of this small pond that seldom freezes.

The drive back to Denver only took about an hour and 20 minutes!

One final bird sighting was a Prairie Falcon in downtown Denver.  It was chasing Rock Doves at Park Avenue and Wawetta Street.  When not flying after them it perched on the Green Leaf Storage building.

Soon I will put photos of the Purple Sandpiper in the Colorado Birding Society's Photo Library:

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