Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Few Birding Stops Around Denver

December 20, 2016

Richard Stevens:

The day was much warmer with temperatures into the middle 50s; winds were 7-8 mph, gusts to 12 mph.

I missed today's Sterling Christmas Count in Logan County.  I slipped on ice while cleaning the snow off our driveway two days ago and can barely stand.  The 180 mile drive did not seem inviting.

That did not stop me from birding, drove to Hidden Lake (Jefferson) to search for the Brant; without success.

Then I stopped at 78th avenue and the South Platte River.  The short walk north to the green and white water tower found a male Barrow's Goldeneye accompanied by three female Common Goldeneyes.

Next, I stopped at 74th avenue and the Platte River.  The previously reported Winter Wren was heard about 40 yards north of the 74th avenue bridge.  I never observed the bird.  It did sound like my Winter Wren recordings and not a Pacific Wren.

My back loosened up and I headed toward Sterling and tomorrow's Crook Christmas Count.  A stop at Jackson Reservoir (Morgan) relocated two Long-eared Owls.

By then, my back was not good.  I returned to Denver; hate to miss tomorrow's Christmas Count.

Terry Michaels, Jacob Washburn, Ray Simmons and Dave King enjoyed a good day.  Their bird list included an Eastern Screech-Owl at Pioneer Park, a Barn Owl at Sterling Reservoir and two Common Redpolls and a Field Sparrow at Overland Park.

Bill Kaempfer found a Varied Thrush at the Sterling Golf Course.  I hope that the CoBus group will find time tomorrow to search for that bird.  No way can I make a 180 mile one way drive up there, boo.

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