Thursday, June 23, 2016

Return Drive Around Eastern Arapahoe County

June 22, 2016

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca Kosten and I took advantage of another break in the hot summer temperatures and drove Eastern Arapahoe County again.  We enjoyed the interesting drive. 

Parts of this report were left off my email to "cobirders" listserve.  Nesting bird locations are being protected from disturbance.

A Yellow-billed Cuckoo pair is nesting on private land along Kiowa Creek (Arapahoe County).  We are monitoring progress by scoping from a distance.  Updates will follow any additional activity.

Along Strasburg Road (CR 157) at 1.0 miles north of CR 26 (approximately 4.5 miles south of I70) there is an electrical building.  Between the first and fourth telephone poles north of this building, we photographed two Dickcissel on the east side of CR 157.  Another two Dickcissel were on the west side of the road.

We continued south on CR 157 to East Quincy Road (CR 30), turned east one mile to CR 161, then south on CR 161.  A Cassin's Kingbird sang in the two small groups of trees 0.4 miles south of CR 30.

Continuing south to Knudtson Road (CR 42), another Cassin's Kingbird was just east of the intersection.  0.8 miles east of CR 161, we found another Dickcissel. 

Then 0.3 miles farther east (1.1 miles east of CR 161) there was a cut in the hill on the north side of Knudtson Road.  Two Northern Mockingbirds sang from the trees at the cut.

While stopped at the Arapahoe County Road 42 Bridge over West Bijou Creek a rancher stopped to see what we were doing.  She invited us to her ranch to identify an owl in a cottonwood tree.  The owl was an Eastern Screech-Owl.  She said there was one pair there and another pair farther south on her property.  No young have been discovered yet; we plan to take her up on the offer to return anytime and monitor progress.

East on Knudtson road to CR 181, then north on CR 181 to East 38th avenue (Woodis Road).  Another Dickcissel was 0.1-0.2 miles east of CR 181/E. 38th avenue.

From the time we left East Quincy Road (CR 30) going south on Knudtson Road to Woodis Road, hundreds of Lark Buntings were observed.  We also photographed a pair of Loggerhead Shrikes and their nest.  Loggerhead Shrike count exceeded nine.  Also photographed were two Grasshopper Sparrows, a Savannah Sparrow, and many Western Kingbirds.

Unfortunately, we ran out of daylight when we arrived at the old Kiowa/Bennett Rest Stop.  No owls were detected there.

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