Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Morning at Barr Lake & DIA Owl Loop

June 11, 2016

Richard Stevens:

Another pleasant summer morning.  Winds were 6 mph; temperature was 61 degrees at 6:00 am.

Email sent to cobirders listserve (see Colorado Birding Society's website for details);

Resting today after a great trip to northeastern Colorado this week, Rebecca and I got out of the house about 5:30 am.  A drive through the Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams) found the Eastern Phoebe catching bugs and feeding a female and/or young.

Four Barn Owls can be found at Barr Lake (Adams) if you look hard enough.  The two Osprey were on the nesting platform east of the banding station.

A drive along the DIA Owl Loop found two Burrowing Owls at Trussville & 114th (inside the chain link fence).  Another five were at W. Cargo Road and Third Creek.   We also had one on a post right along 114th avenue at the northeast corner of the DIA chain link fence.

I will put photos of the Burrowing Owl on the Colorado Birding Society's photo library later.  Off birding in a few minutes.

Later in the afternoon, we drove to Eastern Arapahoe County in search of the Dickcissel reported this morning by Gene Rutherford.

  (1) CR 14/just east/Strasburg Road (Gene Rutherford) first 6/11
  (1) Woodis Road/just west/CR 193 (Gene Rutherford) first 6/11

While they were not relocated, we did find one on the telephone wires along East Quincy Road, just east of the Kiowa Sporting Club.

Our birding day ended as we watched for Short-eared Owls along West Cargo Road and Third Creek.  None appeared tonight.

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