Thursday, January 14, 2016

Walk At Barr Lake

January 13, 2016

Richard Stevens:

On the way home from DIA, I stopped at Barr Lake (Adams County).  Temperatures were in the high 40s; winds were 10 mph.

I planned on walking below the dam and trying for a Long-eared Owl photo.  Unfortunately, I forgot goose hunters are permitted to hunt on Wednesdays and Saturdays; the trail was closed.

Alternatively, I walked from the Niedrach trail at the Visitor's Center to mile 8.0.  Several Long-eared Owls were reported along the Niedrach trail in the past few days.  I found two Great Horned Owls at the south end of the boardwalk.  It would be surprising if Long-eared Owls stayed around there also.  Are not they food for the Great Horned Owls?

A Barn Owl was in the banding station area.  She was not in the nesting box; instead, she flew around at the end of the peninsula.

Another Great Horned Owl called from the Pioneer Trail (mile 8.2). 

I captured photos of Colorado's famous winter sunsets and went home (skipping the DIA Owl Loop tonight).

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