Sunday, January 3, 2016

Birding Around Denver, Day Three 2016

January 3, 2016

Richard Stevens:

After two hours sleep, I headed to Lakewood (Jefferson County).  Within minutes of arriving at 2695 Newland, the Carolina Wren flew out and searched for food under the suet feeder at the south side of the house!

Next, I drove over to 314 DeFrance Court in Golden (Jefferson).  The Common Redpoll visited the thistle feeder in the front yard within minutes of my arrival.  I missed getting a photo and had to wait over an hour for it to return!

Meanwhile the Harris's Sparrow visited the front porch of Ira Sander's house at least twice.

In between, two 20 minute visits by Sharp-shinned Hawks scattered birds for quite awhile.  Eventually they would return.

Birds observed included one Western Scrub-Jay, one male Red Crossbill, a dozen Eurasian Collared-Doves, a flock of eleven Black-billed Magpies (came for a drink of water), Black-capped Chickadees, House Finches, one female Cassin's Finch, and half a dozen Lesser Goldfinches.

Afterwards, I stopped at Lowell Ponds Wildlife Area (Adams) and walked east to the I76 bridges and beyond to the bike footbridge.  The American Dipper was popping in and out of the rapids just east of the footbridge.

Some daylight remained and I drove to Denver City Park (Denver County).  One of the previously reported Greater White-fronted Geese was near the 17th Street corner of the park.  Most of the White-cheeked Geese were Canada Geese; at least two were Cackling Geese.

I searched for one of the resident Eastern Screech-Owls without success.  Then drove over to a friend's home in Park Hill and picked up my Eastern Screech-Owl for 2016!

Another enjoyable birding day, what a great winter day it was.  Winds less than 5 mph; temperatures reached the high 40s.

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