Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Day Birding Northeast of Denver

January 24, 2016

The day was overcast.  Temperatures only reached the mid 40s; winds were 17 mph, gusts to 23 mph.

I drove some the Adams County Roads east of DIA (Denver International Airport) on my way to visit a friend who lives near Prospect Valley (Adams).

Too many hunters were at Banner Lakes Wildlife Area (Adams) when I passed by, and then decided to continue east.

Four Long-eared Owls continue in the windbreak at my friend's ranch.

Jackson Reservoir (Morgan) was only another 40 miles so I continued to the State Park to see what gulls might be around.

A lone Lesser Black-backed Gull was the only uncommon Gull found.  At least four Long-eared Owls and an Eastern Screech-Owl were relocated along the west side of the reservoir.

A White-throated Sparrow was loosely associated with a small flock 6-8 White-crowned Sparrows between Pelican Campgrounds and the lake.

A scoped the southern Campgrounds at dusk for Short-eared Owls without success.

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