Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Owling In Weld & Arapahoe Counties

September 29, 2015

Richard Stevens:

In the afternoon, Rebecca Kosten and I returned to Weld County and visited two friend's ranches.  We stopped off to share some photos at private ranch # 1.  The two Long-eared Owls that I saw yesterday were still in the same windbreak.

Later, we stopped off at private ranch # 2 and found another Long-eared Owl.  At sunset, three of us watched a Short-eared Owl fly along the windbreak of this ranch.

After dark, Rebecca and I stopped at an abandoned barn in Arapahoe County.  We were startled when our spotlight shone on the eyes of a Barn Owl.

I dislike being cryptic; the locations of these owls are to remain undisclosed.  We did report them to the Colorado Bird Records Board.

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