Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Twelve Miles of the South Platte River

January 10, 2015

Bryan Ehlmann email to cobirders listserve:

"Rich Stevens and I parked at South Platte Park and walked to Confluence Park downtown Denver. It's about 12 miles, then took the light rail back to our car.

It's a beautiful day, about 60 degrees and calm winds. For the most part it was uneventful, but enjoyable.

We did see two Greater Scaup south of Mineral. The Greater Scaup near Evans yesterday were not found. A Greater White fronted Goose was at Overland Golf Course across the street from Overland Pond Park.

At Overland Park Pond, Grant Frontier Park or most of the Platte River it is great to study or photograph our common wintering ducks."

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