Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Barr Lake & DIA Owl Loop, Adams County Birding

January 20, 2015

Richard Stevens:

While out doing chores, I stopped by Barr Lake (Adams County).  I ran into Alec Hopping who found a Glaucous Gull off the banding station area.  Unfortunately, I was not able to relocate the Glaucous Gull.  A Lesser Black-backed Gull was found northwest of the boat ramp.

No Short-eared Owls were found along the DIA Owl Loop this evening.  I stopped at the corner of 96th avenue & Quency Street to scope for Short-eared Owls and saw a white owl on the fence post to the northwest.  My first thought was a Snowy Owl.  It flew several times and landed on other fence posts.  It turned out to be a quite white Barn Owl.  A few weeks ago, I had found a road kill Barn Owl at this same corner.

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