Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sunset at Rocky Mountain Arsenal

January 14, 2014

Richard Stevens:

Winds were relatively mild this afternoon (8 mph, gusts to 12 mph).  High temperature was only 43 degrees (still better than most of the US is seeing).

Rebecca Kosten and I went for a drive and chose Rocky Mountain Arsenal (Adams County).  We expected few birds but went to see the Bison.  Today 48 Bison were 10 yards from 72nd avenue.

Birds were few as expected.  No Bald Eagles and only one Red-tailed Hawk were east of Lake Ladora (along E. 64th Avenue).

The highlight was a Long-eared Owl in the fir trees behind the Contact Station.  After sitting and watching the bison along 72nd avenue (under one of Colorado's spectacular sunsets), we returned to the Governor's Row area.  One Long-eared Owl called from the New Mexico Locust trees.

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