Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Another Drive Around Adams County

January 15, 2014

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca Kosten and I drove around Adams County in the afternoon.  Winds were 12+ mph, gusts to 27 mph.  High temperature was 53; it felt quite cold.

A quick stop at the Sprat-Platte Lakes area was not "quick".  It took longer than expected to relocate the White-winged Scoter.  Much of the ice cover has melted and the scoter and many ducks were far from the western shore.

Two Bald Eagles stood on the ice at the far eastern shore.  All three male mergansers were found.  The male Red-breasted Merganser was quite colorful.

Later we drove north of DIA and searched unsuccessfully for Lapland Longspurs (some were reported yesterday near Haynesmount Road and 120th avenue). 

We saw two Ferruginous Hawks, a pair of American Kestrels, seven Red-tailed Hawks, two Rough-legged Hawks, five Northern Harriers and one Prairie Falcon (missed Short-eared Owls).

Another fantastic Colorado winter sunset lit up the sky with "flames".

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