Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Peaceful Few Days in the Mountains

December 27-31, 2013

Richard Stevens:

We more or less took a break from birding and enjoyed a few days in the mountains.  Weather provided a few snow flurries and daytime temperatures in the 40s.

I walked around Cameron Pass (Jackson County) on several occasions and found (heard) Boreal Owls on 12/26 and one at the Crags Campgrounds on the night of 12/27.

Rosy Finches came to the Colorado State Forest Visitor's Center feeders early in the mornings of 12/27, 12/28 and 12/29.  When we stopped later in the day, they had seemed to have disappeared.

I relocated an American Three-toed Woodpecker across from the Visitor's Center on 12/29.  However, it could not be relocated on 12/30 and 1/1.

A drive along the Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge did not find any meandering Gyrfalcons.  A few Rough-legged Hawks and a pair of Golden Eagles provided raptor sightings.

Another pair of Golden Eagles was found along the drive to Delaney Butte Lakes and Lake John Wildlife Areas.  Our hope to find a wandering Snow Bunting was not fulfilled.  Neither was a sighting of a Greater Sage-Grouse successful.

Mostly we enjoyed the white landscape and lack of the crowds back in Denver.  There is not much to do in Walden; we like that much.  Breakfast at the Moose Restaurant is always enjoyable!

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