Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trip to Boulder County

November 21, 2012

Richard Stevens:

Bryan Ehlmann and I decided on travel to Boulder County in search of the 7 Swamp Sparrows reported Monday (11/19) by Ted Floyd.

We arrived at Baseline Reservoir about an hour before sunrise and walked the Bobolink Trail in search of owls.  Long-eared, Northern Pygmy and Eastern Screech-Owls have all been reported in the past; we found none this morning.

After sunrise, we could see the five Tundra Swans along the far side of Baseline Reservoir. 

Then we headed to Walden Ponds.  While the Swamp Sparrow at Cottonwood Marsh was missed, we did find one of three reported along Boulder Creek, west of 75th avenue.  The Sawhill Ponds Swamp Sparrow was also a no show.

Heading north, we looked for the McIntosh Lake Swamp Sparrow; without success.  Many Bonaparte's Gulls were a consolation.

We did find a Long-eared Owl at a suspected nesting area in Boulder County (location to remain unnamed).

We abandoned (temporarily) our Swamp Sparrow and tried for the Northern Cardinal at Hawthorn Gulch (west side of Boulder).  He was not found (had traveled quite far from its first sighting to last and could still be in the area).

Following a text message about an eastern Fox Sparrow, we returned to Walden Ponds and missed the bird in a short search.  Heard later, that it was relocated, we should have spent more time there.

After missing the Boulder Fairgrounds Swamp Sparrow, we also missed the Panama Reservoir # 1 Swamp Sparrow.  We then thought to search for Swamp Sparrows at Teller Lake # 5.  None was there; however, we did see the Golden-crowned Sparrow that has wintered several of the past few years.

Finally, headed to Erie where few gulls were around and then home, too tired for any owling.  The sunset was superb tonight; hope all watched it!

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