Saturday, November 10, 2012

Search For A November Sprague's Pipit

November 8, 2012

Richard Stevens:

Rebecca Kosten and I drove south of Julesburg today.  Zigzagging the back roads of Sedgwick County in search of Sprague's Pipits did not turn up any.  A November date for a Sprague's Pipit sighting (for us anyway) was safe for another fall.  We did run into several flocks of American Pipits, which also seemed scarce on the eastern plains this fall.

We stopped at Sand Draw Wildlife Area, one of my favorite birding locations in Sedgwick County. 
No owls were found in the western windbreak today.  The eastern border was more exciting.  Two Common Redpolls and a Field Sparrow were at the southeastern corner.  Four Red Crossbills circled overhead at the northeastern corner.

Continuing south, we wandered along the Phillips County roads in search of Sprague's Pipits; without success.  Then we stopped at several places in Holyoke.  The cemetery was quiet as was the Fishing Pond.  Two female type Purple Finches were found at the City Park!

Dozens of sparrows were found at Frenchman Creek Wildlife Area (Phillips).  Unfortunately, no "Ammodramus" sparrows popped up out of the wild grasses.

We followed Highway 6 through Haxtun back to I76.  Nothing uncommon was found at Haxtun City Park.

I had to be back in Denver tomorrow and did not have time to stop at our usual birding spots.  A quick jog around Brush Wildlife Area (Morgan) found a male Red-bellied Woodpecker and not much else.

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