Sunday, April 15, 2012

Jefferson and Adams County Birding

April 14, 2012

Richard Stevens:

My group went earlier than Bryan's did. At civil twilight, we searched unsuccessfully for Northern Pygmy Owls at Reynolds Park.

Hoping to find Dusky Grouse (did not find any) we hiked up the newest Eagle's View trail.

We found a male Williamson's Sapsucker along Raven's Roost Trail at 25 yards south of the old service road. An American Three-toed Woodpecker was heard drumming, however never observed.

A female American Three toed Woodpecker was along the Oxen Draw Trail north of the intersection with Eagle's View and Raven's Roost.

Trail maps at lower parking area.

I stopped by Star K Ranch on my way to Bryan's house. I wanted to ask if they were still seeing the Harris's Sparrow. Got my answer when getting out of my car, a Harris's Sparrow was under their feeders.

It did not look "right" as from previous visits. That was answered when a second Harris's Sparrow came out of the bushes. This one looked like the one seen on past visits.

Bryan Ehlmann email to "cobirders"

"Because we had eight birders, our trip was split into two locations. Rich Stevens took four birders to Reynolds and Pine Valley Ranch Parks while I took the rest to Red Rocks and Genesee Mountain Parks.

We had a successful trip. The Golden-crowned Sparrow came out within 5 minutes of our stop. A male Williamson's Sapsucker was drumming when we stopped at the Genesee Mountain Park group picnic area. Shortly thereafter, a female came out of the woods to the west of the building. We also found three species of nuthatches, a Brown Creeper, Pine Siskins and a flock of 6-7 Red Crossbills.

What happened to the rain and snow? Originally, we were going to Loveland Pass but the forecast changed our plans? Looks awful nice right now."

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