Monday, April 23, 2012

April 22, 2012

Richard Stevens:

At first light, I was searching for owls on a private ranch on the eastern plains (Weld County).  A second pair of nesting Long-eared Owl was found.  Yellow-rumped Warblers and a few Orange-crowned Warblers are starting to migrate north.  I have now found at least 7 successful Great Horned Owl nest sites.

A pair of Mountain Plover was along Highway 52, between Weld County Roads 77 and 79.  Several other fields suggested by friends as good Mountain Plovers still came up empty.

A stop at Banner Lakes Wildlife Area (southern sections) found a Black-and-white Warbler in the taller cottonwoods along the west side.  The Hooded Warbler of last Friday was not relocated.

I timed a visit to Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe) for an hour before sunset.  Gulls usually return to the logs around the southwest marina at sunset.  While I did see several Bonaparte's Gulls, no Laughing Gull was found.

At the Belleview Wetlands (south of Cottonwood Creek Wetlands) 2 American Avocets, 3 species of Teal and a Least Sandpiper were observed.  Again, I did not find the Tricolored Heron (last reported and photographed on Friday).  It is believed to be a first county record (to be).

A Virginia Rail came out of the cattails, got a look at us and scurried back to safety.

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