Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ehlmann Grouse Trip Days 1-3

April 16-18, 2012

Bryan Ehlmann:

My grouse trip experienced a first. Today I had to drive one of the birders back to Denver from Grand Junction, Medical reasons, nothing too serious. We took the other two birders to Grand Junction airport to rent a car, and then returned to Denver.

Back in Denver this afternoon, Sue and I relocated the two Harris's Sparrows at Star K Ranch.

The Grouse Trip:

April 18th:

Ron Williams and Jason Britten visited the Colorado National Monument and used the rest of the day to search for a Scott's Oriole. Our Scott's Oriole early date for Mesa County is 4/20. State early date is 4/17. They did not find one.

The rest of their day:

Colorado National Monument:
Black-chinned Sparrow(s), Devil's Kitchen
Pinyon Jays, Campgrounds

Rabbit Valley
Chukar, first road going west, south of I70
Sage Sparrow, first road going west, south of I70

Jim Canyon
Northern Mockingbird
Scott's Orioles found several years in past, too early?

Black-throated Sparrows, second iron pipe gate

Mesa County Undisclosed Location
Long-eared Owl, 2

Private yard near Mack
Western Screech-Owl

Rest of our grouse trip so far, I head back early Thursday morning.

April 17th:

80 Route Leks, Routt County
Sharp-tailed Grouse, 12+
Greater Sage-Grouse, 8+
Golden Eagle

Oxbow State Lands
Sage Sparrow, 2
Sage Thrasher, 2

Rifle Rest Stop
Great-tailed Grackle

April 16th:

Loveland Pass
We missed White-tailed Ptarmigan in a several hour search

Summit County
Three species of Rosy Finches
Clark's Nutcrackers
Evening Grosbeaks
Pine Grosbeaks

Jackson County Road 26b Leks
Greater Sage-Grouse, 12+

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