Thursday, April 12, 2012

Another Grouse Trip, Day Six

April 11, 2012

Rebecca Kosten;

Another Grouse Trip, Six Day

Seventeen male Greater Prairie-Chickens displayed at the Yuma County Road 45 Lek. They continued well after sunrise.

The Group visited two friend's homes in Wray where five Northern Cardinals were photographed. The eastern Fox Sparrow that had spent the winter appeared to be gone. Then information that the sparrow had just moved three yards down was supplied and they were able to photograph the red race of the Fox Sparrow.

The only bird of note at Sand Draw Wildlife Area, Phillips County was a lone Field Sparrow singing on the eastern property fence.

Several hours were spent driving eastern Colorado and western Kansas in a futile attempt to find an Eastern Meadowlark or Sprague's Pipit. Both McCown's Longspurs and Chestnut-collared Longspurs were found during the drive.

Six species of gulls were seen at Lake McConaughy in Nebraska.

They had an ineffectual attempt to run down a Purple Finch sighting in Julesburg, near the Julesburg Elementary School. Another male Northern Cardinal was found flying north along Plum Street from 7th Street.

Two Eastern Screech-Owls and a Harris's Sparrow were seen at Roger Danka's ranch, Sedgwick County.

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