Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trip Up the Eastern Plains

May 24, 2011

Richard Stevens spent 6.5 hours at Barr Lake State Park early this morning.

Worm eating Warbler --south of the Niedrach Boardwalk, just before clearing at mile 0.4.
Northern Waterthrush --just north of WEWA site
Hooded Warbler --mile 8.8 just south and north of willow tree that hangs over trail
Northern Waterthrush --just north of HOWA site.
Rose breasted Grosbeak --mile 8.7, flew toward lake
Gray cheeked Thrush --just north of mile 8.0 marker
Veery -- mile 6.8, below the dam
American Redstart --mile 6.7 below dam

Richard ended his birding day at Jackson Lake State Park in Morgan County

Blackburnian Warbler --below dam
Red-eyed Vireo --below dam
Summer Tanager --Campgrounds
American Redstart (2) --Campgrounds
Black-and-white Warbler --Campgrounds
Eastern Screech-Owl --Campgrounds
Tennessee Warbler -Campgrounds

After dark Richard heard Eastern Screech-Owls at Prewitt Reservoir (Logan/Washington). Below the dam and at the western end.

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