Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trip to Georgetown, Rufous collared Sparrow

May 10, 2011

Richard Stevens:

I drove up to Georgetown (Clear Creek) to get a look at the Rufous collared Sparrow. At around 2:00 pm, I first heard and then saw the sparrow on the east side of the white house (915 Rose Street). It later flew to the west side of the street where I lost track of it.

Several birders relocated the sparrow on a bush at the northwest corner of the yard at 811 Rose Street.

Whether this bird is wild or not, I never am sure if "feather wear" is just subjective. Perhaps behavior is a better indicator? I do not know, but wonder if a wild bird would spend more time on the ground, while an "escaped bird" scared of the wild, would spend more time in trees?

While walking around town, I found a male Evening Grosbeak east of 10th and Main Streets.

On the way back through Denver, I stopped at Red Rocks Park (Jefferson). The four "Zonotrichia" sparrows were found (Golden-crowned, Harris's, White-throated & White-crowned) as well as the Curve-billed Thrasher.

Also observed were a "gray form" Fox Sparrow, 2 male and a female Lazuli Bunting, 8+ Spotted Towhees, many Western Scrub-Jays and Mountain Chickadees.

I have been "discussing" for several months now with two forest rangers on whether birds become dependent upon bird feeders. While I believe that they only supplement their diet at feeders and are not dependent, I may have to change my thinking. These uncommon birds to Colorado have now been at the Red Rocks Park feeders since late October, 2010. One does have to wonder if there was not a daily renewed supply of birdseed; would these birds not have moved on to "wherever"?

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