Monday, April 13, 2009

Search for Owls, Gulls, & Scoters, Boulder County

April 13, 2009

Richard Stevens:

Stan Roth, Henry Nagy and I drove up to Boulder County at around 2:00am this morning. Our target birds were Long-eared and Flammulated Owls.

We found (heard) 1 or 2 Long-eared Owls at their traditional nesting site (do not ask for directions). We struck out on Flammulated Owls at several sites suggested by Steve Jones. It is a little early for them to return from their wintering grounds. However, I do have three Boulder County Flammulated Owl records before April 10th (in the past 20 years, one even in March).

The Mew Gull was not at Walden Ponds at around Noon. The only gulls were two Ring-billed Gulls. A Greater Yellowlegs walked the gravelly mudflats. The two White-winged Scoters on Baseline Reservoir were easy to see as they dove for food along the eastern dam.

We checked several bodies of water for the Mew Gull; without success. Those included: Valmont Reservoir, Prince Lake #2 & #1, Erie Reservoir, Jim Hamm Park, & Union Reservoir.

After dropping Henry off in Denver, I birded Barr Lake (Adams). I walked along the eastern dam. Plenty of ducks and geese were out on the water; the previously reported Common Loon was not found among them. The most uncommon duck was a lone male Ruddy Duck among many Gadwall, Lesser Scaup and Northern Shovelers. No Greater Scaup were picked out of the crowd.

I then parked off 144th Avenue and walked from mile marker 5.0 to 3.0 and back in search of Great-tailed Grackles and Yellow-headed Blackbirds; neither were found. A Common Loon was off mile marker 5.0. No Clark's Grebes were picked out of the dozen of so Western Grebes.

Three Great-tailed Grackles flew west across Picadilly Road from the southern end of the Tree Nursery at 152nd and Picadilly Road (observed on previous visits also).

My birding day ended along the DIA Owl Loop hoping a Short-eared Owl would fly out of the airport when there was enough daylight to see it; none did.

Burrowing Owls were again observed at two sites: 3.4 miles east of Tower Road and 96th Avenue and along Tower Road, 0.4 miles north of 56th Avenue. One finally appeared at the third site: 128th Avenue & Powhaton Road.

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Chrisotpher (Lakewood, CO) said...

Thanks for the tip. I just discovered this blog and have been wanting to see a burrowing owl this year. I'll check it out.

Thanks so much