Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grouse Trip Day 2

April 18, 2009

Richard Stevens:

Mary Ewing, Bob Bucci and I were at the Yuma County Road Greater Prairie-Chicken Lek at sunrise. In spite of pouring down rain, 7 Greater Prairie-Chickens came out and displayed.

It continued to pour as we arrived at Bonny Reservoir (Yuma). A pair of Eastern Phoebes flew around Wagon Wheel Campgrounds (near the old boat ramp). Not much else was found in the downpour.

On the trip south to Burlington, we found 6-12+ Great-tailed Grackles at mile marker 194 of Highway 385. This is near a feedlot just north of Burlington.

We continued south as rain continued and found a new Burrowing Owl and Prairie Dog community at mile marker 164 of Hwy 385. This location is just south of Kit Carson County (hwy 385 runs east to west here).

Rain continued as we drove to Cottonwood Canyon. Four Long-billed Curlew were along Baca County Road M (at 0.1 miles north of CR U).

Rufous-crowned Sparrows, Western Screech-Owls, and Eastern Phoebes were found in Cottonwood Canyon (again in spite of the rain). A Common Poorwill was heard calling just west of the camping area at Carrizo Creek and CR M.

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