Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Rainy Easter Day of Birding

April 12, 2009

Richard Stevens:

Henry Nagy, Bryan Ehlmann, and I ventured into the mountains on Easter morning. We visited a friend's home (Summit County) where he had been seeing a White-throated Sparrow since 4/7. The sparrow was quite cooperative and visited the feeders several times.

Afterwards we stopped at Loveland Pass (Clear Creek) and again were quite fortunate. We spotted 2 White-tailed Ptarmigan walking around south of the ragged rocky ridge below the east side Summit parking area off highway 6.

Our next stop was Genesee Mountain Park (Jefferson) to see if we could find any Williamson's Sapsuckers; without success (access is still seasonally limited).

At Wheat Ridge Greenbelt fortune again shined on us as it only took 10 minutes to relocate the Harris's Sparrow reported yesterday by Hugh Kingery. The wet Harris's Sparrow walked below the bushes southwest of the gravel path and north of the paved path about 200 feet west of the Prospect Park western parking area.

When the others departed, I walked down to the eastern end of the park searching for Eastern Screech-Owls; without success.

I then drove down to Marston Reservoir (Denver). Two adult Lesser Black-backed Gulls were with a dozen California Gulls and many Ring-billed Gulls on the mudflats at the northwest corner of the reservoir. Many of the gulls disappeared down a small ridge/ditch and at times could not be seen. Patience might be needed to relocate this birds.

My final stop was Cherry Creek Reservoir (Arapahoe). It poured down rain most of my time there. I did hike over to the eastern sand spit to get better looks (and a few photos) of the 14 California Gulls there.

Two Baird's Sandpipers and two Killdeer ran along the shore. Yesterday's, Caspian Tern and Lesser Black-backed Gulls were not relocated.

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