Saturday, April 11, 2009

Birding Around Denver on Friday

April 10, 2009

Bryan Ehlmann;

Sue and I visited Prospect Park, Jefferson County to search for yesterday's Greater Scaup on Tabor Lake. Unfortunately all we could find to photograph were 3 male and a female Lesser Scaups. We did enjoy watching the many nesting Double-crested Cormorants. There appears to be two pairs of Great Blue Herons that are also attempting to nest. Bass Lake, Tabor Lake and Prospect Lake were all checked for Greater Scaup; without success.

Afterwards we drove by the pond at Buckley Road and 132nd Avenue, Adams County. One of the ten Great-tailed Grackles reported by Hyde on April 3rd was at the southeast corner of the cattails. We checked for additional grackles in the campgrounds to the northeast but didn't find any.

Along the DIA Owl loop we found 5 Burrowing Owls at the site, 3.4 miles east of Tower Road and 96th avenue and 1 Burrowing Owl at the site along Tower Road, 0.4 miles north of 56th avenue. Anyone looking for Eurasian collared-Dove these days? There were plenty at Tower Road just north of Colfax Avenue.

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