Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Search for Eastern Birds

March 12, 2009

Richard Stevens:

At first light I was back at the Yuma County Road 45 Greater Prairie-Chicken lek. Several male birds eventually decided to try their luck at attracting a female; without success.

I birded around Wray (Yuma) afterward and visited the yards of three friends. Northern Cardinals visit all of their yards on a regular basis!

A drive on the country roads east of Wray found few birds. A couple of flocks of White-crowned Sparrows and several Song Sparrows were just about it. Again no Eastern Meadowlarks or uncommon sparrows (such as Field, Harris's, or White-throated) were observed.

A White-throated Sparrow was relocated at Sandsage Wildlife Area. I tried to locate the Eastern Screech-Owl heard last night; without success (have not figured out where he spends the day?)

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