Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Ken Caryl Valley, Bluff Lake Nature Area & DIA Owl Loop

November 27, 2018

Richard Stevens:

The temperature reached 54 degrees under cloudy skies in Denver.  Winds were 9-10 mph with gusts to 14 mph.

I had been schooling two friends who live in Ken Caryl Valley (Jefferson) in birding.  Today was our first day of birding on lands restricted to Ken Caryl Valley residents.

We started our future trips down Massey Draw.  Highlights were a Harris's Sparrow and Hermit Thrush.  Other birds included White-crowned Sparrows, American Tree Sparrows and Nuthatches.  Regrettably, no owls were encountered today.

On the way home, I stopped at Bluff Lake Nature Area (Denver).  The Harris's Sparrow was again running along with seven White-crowned Sparrows between rabbit brush behind the building.

My birding day ended when I parked along 88th avenue east of the Disposal Site.  I scoped the 360-degree view from near the "land for sale" sign.

While watching a head of sixty+ Pronghorn north of 88th avenue as they crossed the unnamed gravel road between 88th & 96th avenues, a Short-eared Owl flew over them.

I sighted the Short-eared Owl in Denver County and followed it into Adams County!  It was a nice end to an enjoyable birding day!

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