Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Front Range College Open Space

August 1, 2018

Richard Stevens:

Temperature reached 80 degrees.  Winds were 5-6 mph with gusts to 12 mph.

In the morning, the Barn Owl was back at the Oil Office along Gun Club Road south of 112th Avenue.  Two Burrowing Owl were farther south.  Two Burrowing Owls continued at Trussville Road & 114th Avenue.

Later, I walked around the Front Range "College Open Space" (Adams County) for about two hours The Black-throated Sparrow reported yesterday was not found.

Three female or first year Blue Grosbeak flew along the southwestern pond.  Other sightings included a Wilson's Warbler, two Say's Phoebes, and a Rock Wren.

I left before noon to avoid the traffic back to DIA.

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